India – Agriculture dependent country where approx 70% of the population survives on agriculture and in that almost 90% on the rains, rivers, ponds and such water bodies for the agriculture needs as well as for drinking water purposes.

Tamil Nadu (TN)- A State in southern part of India depends largely on rains for the agriculture which in itself forms is 11th largest state & 6th most populus, with cultivated area around 56.10 million hectares in 2007-08. The state mainly depends on the rains for agriculture and on neighboring states for fresh water needs.

This state has a peculiar history of conservation of rain water through water tanks for agricultural purposes named KANMEYI and for drinking water purposes named OORNIS. The state has in total around 39000 water tanks out of which around 5000 are in Pudukottai district- one of the driest district in TN state which are in grave state due to mere ignorance & lost importance of the natural water conservation. The state has gone through number of droughts due to very less rainfall & climate change.

In India, the water sources usually have a deity for the protection of the tank who has a forest of own near the water tanks for the protection, as believed mythologically. Practically they are of high importance as these forests around the water tanks helps in water retention in the soil, slows down evaporation & hence the climate change that’s happening.

Dhan Foundation- Valaghem – Ponnamravathy on World Water Day created awareness under theme “Nature for Water” by saving the Scared Groves known as KOVIL KAD in & around the water tanks & their revival by reducing deforestation around Kanmeyi & Oornis. The function took place in village Marva Madurai, Distt- Pudukottai with the engagement of Agriculture Finance Groups under Vaylaghem, the villagers and the participation of Youth for India fellows.

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
10 h 00 min - 12 h 30 min

Tamil Nadu

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Marva Madurai, Ponnamravathy
Tamil Nadu