BATA: A project to remove arsenic from waters. Arsenic in the environment: action for human health protection

The health of millions of people world-wide is at risk due to the use of drinking arsenic-contaminated water.
The toxicological effects of arsenic are related to its chemical form and oxidation state: As(III) is about 100 times more toxic and mobile than arsenate As(V). Methyl Arsenic may present comparable toxicity or higher than inorganic species, As(III) or As(V). Hence, it is necessary to remove all arsenic species from waters. In recent years, a range of inexpensive, iron-based, water clean-up technologies have been developed to address the major problem of As-rich drinking water. The possible use of AsIII oxidising bacteria has been investigated as effective oxidation step overcoming drawbacks of chemical oxidation in biofilter studies coupled with As removal treatment based on Fe adsorbents.
In this frame, the BATA project aims to propose innovative strategies for the removal of arsenic from water.

The conference will present the results of the BATA project (funded by the Cariplo Foundation), which was conducted on arsenic-contaminated waters from Lombardy and Lazio regions, focused on exploiting biological processes in the treatment with adsorbent materials.


Date(s) - 23/03/2018
9 h 00 min - 12 h 30 min

University of Milano

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Via Celoria, 2