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In commemoration of World Water Day 2018; Shangri-La’s Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa CSR team initiated a different water reduction activity with the support of Engineering and Housekeeping teams.
500ml water bottles were filled and placed into toilet flusher in Resort rooms, public washrooms and staff accommodation to save water. It was aimed to reduce 500ml of water usage from every full flush; estimating to reduce minimum 10,100 liters of water (equivalent to 1 water bouser) per month from the guest use.
As the toilet flusher uses 5 liters of water in every flush, the saving will reduce 1/10 of the water of a flush, (having a huge reduction in guest’s water footprint).

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
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Shangri-La's Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa
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