EWB Kenya Water Day 22 March 2018-The Answer is in Nature

Goal of Event

The goal of this event is to create awareness of our generation’s challenges to protect water as a fundamental and vulnerable natural resource. We will explore how our profession can contribute to tackling this challenge including wastewater re-use. This will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and share projects, to encourage synergy between industry, academia, CBOs, and other NGO’s.


The event will take place at Nairobi in an open space area and will be open to the community at-large. The dynamics of the event will be similar to an exhibit in which each participant will have an opportunity to present their projects related to water and interact with other exhibitors and the general public. Interactive stands will also be included; for example, a display in which people will be able to measure their water footprint. Complementary to the exhibit, a discussion panel and informative videos about hot topics in water-related and wastewater re-use issues will take place, as well.


Since 1993, in conformance with recommendations from the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, the United Nations General Assembly annually celebrates International World Water Day on March 22. This day is held annually as means of focusing attention on the importance of water for human and nation development. World Water Day is an opportunity to generate awareness about water-related issues, be inspired to tell others, and take actions to make a difference. Each year, a theme related to current or future challenges is chosen. The theme chosen for 2018 is “Nature for Water” – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. Water Day at EWB Kenya will incorporate this theme and will be a part of the International World Water Day.


Water is essential for health, social and economic development. The amount and quality of water available depend on climatic conditions, hydrological factors, and resource management. Kenya is home to impressive projects that tackle water issues from a multitude of perspectives, including research and initiatives using interdisciplinary approaches. Kenya is a water-scarce country with less than 1,000m3 per capita of renewable freshwater supplies. 80 percent of Kenya is made up of arid and semi-arid lands. Variability of rainfall in these areas ensures that local populations have limited socio-economic opportunities. As populations soar and livelihoods are threatened by the unsustainable consumption of regional resources, productivity decreases and the potential for conflict over resources increases. This may be particularly important in the Horn of Africa where water security has real economic, social, ecological, and political value.
The networking session will engage future water professionals by promoting water-related courses and projects, along with ways to get involved. Moreover, professionals from the Water Resources Authority will share their experiences on how to build a career in water. The event will serve to enhance community involvement in water-related issues. Research teams and companies will have the chance to identify and recruit potential assets for their organizations.

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
17 h 00 min - 20 h 00 min

Nairobi, Kenya

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