Saving Our Natural Heritage

Activities A.R.E.M.S Association: World Water Day 2018 Nature for Water
*Guided Study Tour by Environment and Water Experts at Road Corniche sidi bou jaafar sousse.
*Three workshops on climate change will be organized for (i) school children and scouts, (ii) industrialists and farmers to share their experiences with researchers,
*Conferences will be animated by experts and scientists who will bring their experiences, discuss the impact of trades on the water economy, optimal use and preservation of Nature for water, as well as trades of water responding to climate change, and water sustainability in industrial agricultural and other industrial areas.
*The valorization of the seven (7) water sources of the city that have been abandoned by the city of Sousse and that the AREMS association intends to enhance with a special commission created for this purpose, and which will work throughout the year 2018.
The total flow that can be revalued would be about …

Date(s) - 20/03/2018 - 22/03/2018
7 h 30 min - 13 h 30 min

sidi Bou jaafar

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Road corniche sidi bou jaafar sousse
ARMES sousse