Water Festival

The Water Festival is a week-long celebration of World Water Day and the importance of water in our lives, organised by Plan A.

We will spotlight the importance of clean water in our rivers and lakes and its relation to the goods we consume. To help us send a stronger message, we have invited Patagonia, Quartiermeister, Edible Alchemy, The Universal Sea and many Berlin-based artists to show us their perspective on the power of water.
For the detailed information of the festival, go to – https://waterfestival.co/

The agenda for the festival is as follows:

Monday, 20th March, 7pm-9pm
Festival Opening and “From Trash to Art” with The Universal Sea
Can art make a difference in freeing our oceans from plastic? Meet The Universal Sea and their Berlin-based “From Trash to Art”, a project aiming to strengthen creative civil participation against plastic waste in the oceans, who can tell us why art is a key to improving.

Wednesday, 21st March, 7pm-9pm
DamNation Movie Screening with Patagonia
This event will present to you Patagonia’s movie “DamNation” that follows the expedition to the depths of America where breathtaking landscapes and powerful rivers were corrupted by the construction of dams. Discover how these cement barriers have impacted the health of our rivers and all living species that depend on them, included ourselves.

Thursday, 22nd March, 7pm-9pm
A Tasty Fermentation with Edible Alchemy
This event will help us discover the path to a healthier living and the role of water plays in this. Bacteria barista Alexis from Edible Alchemy will take us on a colourful and delicious gastronomic experience through the world of probiotic foods. Food and drinks included.

Friday, 23rd March, 8pm-9pm
Panel Discussion “Drinking for Good”
Can the drink you buy in the Späti make a difference for your community or even the world? This panel discussion will give us the perspectives of four of the most famous Berlin-based beverage brands, who have chosen to do good while quenching our thirst. The panel will include Quartiermeister, Viva con Aqua, OstMost and LemonAID.

Friday, 23rd March, 9pm – late
The Water Party
As a closing celebration of the Water Festival, we invite you to join us for a drink and some dance with all of our festival partners. Because water is worth celebrating.

19th-23rd March, 8am-6pm
Art exhibition
How does art relate to the environment? Visit our exhibition “The Power of Water” that comprises of 15 pieces from a mix of graphic designers, writers, painters and illustrators, showing their interpretation of the might of water.

Date(s) - 19/03/2018 - 23/03/2018
18 h 30 min - 2 h 00 min


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