World Water Day 2018 in Mongolia

In Mongolia, the World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22nd, and the number of events focusing attention on the importance of water are increasing each year. This year, we have organized a series of events commemorating 2018’s World Water Day and the 80th anniversary of the water sector in Mongolia.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Water Academy of Mongolia co-organized a photo exhibition “80 years in two centuries” at the National History Museum, which celebrated the achievements made in the water sector through a display of rare photos.

Following the photo exhibition, The Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism along with various other water related organizations held a scientific conference for students under the topic “Water is the key to development”. This year marked the 13th annual run of the conference since it was first organized in 2005. The theme “Nature for water” was chosen this year for a competition where the best creation was selected from the works of university students. These two events became the platform for a total of 30 referees consisting of renowned national water experts and university professors as well as 250 students from 10 universities to share their ideas, experiences and best practices regarding water related issues.

Another noteworthy celebration of this year’s World Water Day included the development of a comic book “Bombooloi saved the river” by the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with the Council in charge of utilization and service of urban settlement’s water supply and sewage. 6000 copies of the comic book were printed and distributed to secondary schools all over Mongolia during a lesson promoting the moderate use and conservation of water.

Date(s) - 22/03/2018 - 23/03/2018
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