MAS Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd is a leading fabric and lace manufacturer and printer in Asia, that considers environmental sustainability as key priority of the business. For World Environment Day 2018, MAS Fabrics Matrix (Pvt) Ltd, Noyon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Trischel Fabrics (pvt) Ltd and Textprint Lanka (Pvt) Ltd that are coming under MAS Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd, have organized below events at their facilities to make the employees aware about the importance of conserving water and nature.

• Water leaks detection campaign within the facility- employees who will find the highest number of leaks or finding with the highest impact will be rewarded
• Online quiz competition- to make the employees aware about the importance of water and nature conservation using the fact sheet shared by you
• Indulge in Nature- since this year’s theme is ‘ Nature for water’, employees will be taken to below projects they have done related for water conservation and they will be made aware on the importance and impact.
– Matrix- Ma Oya riverbank restoration- tree planting/cleaning
-Trischel- Thulhiriya tank- tree planting/cleaning
-Textprint- Uduwaka waterfall- cleaning
– Koskele water catchment area- tree planting

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
0 h 00 min

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