World Water Day Night Hike

Let’s go into the wild, dive into the ecosystem, perform hiking in the dark and find the answer from the silence of nature on World Water Day 2018. It is the time to offer prayers to our surrounding water bodies and reflect for taking actions that bring small changes in our lifestyles. Let’s understand ‘Nature for Water’. Let’s get inspired and pass it on to our friends & families.

This evening will be facilitated by DivingDeep with night hiking assistance, nature-connection & riverbed contemplation activities, organic dinner meal, jamming and a reflection session. The level of this hiking is basic with small gradients of 10 to 12 kms of trails. Anybody above the age of 7 years can participate in the hike. Children above the age of 5 years can participate with their guardians.

The location for this event is combined of wilderness area & organic farm. It is near Gandhinagar and 40 kms from the reporting location. We can carpool and drive together to celebrate world water day- an evening in the beautiful wild landscapes.

Participants need to wear comfortable appropriate clothing (strictly dark/ camo/ earthy colour) and sturdy footwear on this guided trail. Do not wear Jeans material clothing. Bring a small daypack with your drinking water, bandana or napkin, cap, a small torch-light and other personal gears you may think is appropriated. Also carry an original identification proof. If in any doubt please contact us.

Hiking Location:
Badpura Village,
Gandhinagar- Vijapur Highway,
42 Kms Drive from the Reporting location

Reporting Location:
Outside Decathlon Motera

Reporting Time:
Sharp 07:30 PM on March 22, 2018

Email: | Mobile: +918487033925/ +919824684886

Date(s) - 22/03/2018
19 h 30 min - 23 h 30 min

Wilderness near Badpura Village, Gandhinagar- Vijapur Road

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Wilderness near Badpura Village, Gandhinagar- Vijapur Road